Cheap and ubiquitous cameras are changing everything.

The businesses that are able to leverage this low-cost information-rich data are at a unique competitive advantage. And thanks to rapid advances in deep learning, we’re able to do more with raw image and video data than ever before. However, building, deploying, and maintaining these algorithms is not easy. As the state-of-the-art rapidly advances, finding the right people with the necessary skills requires significant time and cost investments. 

Get there quicker with Welch Labs.

Welch Labs is your preferred partner to get your project off the ground quickly and effectively. We offer rapid algorithm prototyping services to allow you to quickly test relevant business hypotheses, while working closely with your team to ensure high data quality. Once algorithm design is complete, we offer deployment, algorithm retraining, and maintenance services. Finally, Welch Labs clearly communicates and provides context around the algorithmic approaches we use, empowering your business and delivering a unique competitive advantage. 


Services Offered

  • Rapid Algorithm Prototyping

  • Algorithm Productionalizing and Deployment

  • Algorithm Retraining and Maintenance

  • Data Annotation + Quality Inspection

  • Feasibility Studies



Stephen Welch, Founder

Before founding Welch Labs, Stephen led a team developing novel deep-learning based vision solutions for ADAS and autonomous products as VP of Machine Learning at Autonomous Fusion. Stephen authors the Welch Labs YouTube channel, where he creates engaging math and machine learning content, and has earned 200k+ subscribers and 11M+ views. Stephen holds engineering degrees from Georgia Tech and UC Berkeley, and is currently an associate computer vision professor at UNCC.


Pratik Kulkarni, Computer Vision Intern II

Pratik is a graduate student with a hardware-software co-design experience in Deep learning. Apart from working as an Intern at Welch labs, he is a researcher actively working on 'Computer Vision for surveillance' applications. Previously he has been a lead Instructor for coding camps teaching topics like Game development using Unity Engine and Minecraft mod design.


Adhish Thite, Computer Vision Intern I

Adhish is an engineer who leverages expertise in Deep Learning & Data Analytics to effectively transform client requirements into data-driven actionable insights. He has mastery in applied Deep Learning for Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing - and has worked with multiple companies to manifest sufficient expertise in these spheres. He also is a certified specialist and prefers to create a blend of technical and business approaches to tackle any problem. His interests include the application of AI for social & environmental good. Adhish will graduate in May 2019 with a Master's degree in Computer Science at UNC Charlotte.


Ved Paranjape, Machine Learning Intern I

Ved is a Machine Learning Engineer with an interest and experience in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. In addition to his work at Welch Labs, he has worked on Computer Vision applications based on Face Verification, Face Anti-spoofing and OCR at Wealthtab Inc. and on Object Detection applications at Nascent Technology. He is also a published researcher with work focusing on Multi-view Machine Learning Algorithms for identification of Online Extremism and fake news on Social Media. He is a Graduate Student in Computer Science at University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Batch of 2019).

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